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Empower yourself with essential work skills qualifications in English, Mathematics, and ESOL, while advancing through workplace learning and specialized sector-based work academies. Explore tailored information, advice, and guidance programs to shape your professional journey.

We are Skills & Education, our information, advice, and guidance programs offer personalized support to individuals seeking career direction or progression. Whether it's exploring new career paths, identifying skill gaps, or accessing resources for professional development, our advisors are dedicated to helping individuals make informed decisions and achieve their goals. With our diverse array of skills and education courses, we are committed to empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today's dynamic and ever-evolving workforce.




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Master essential soft skills for success with our comprehensive online courses.

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From communication and leadership to time management and problem-solving, our comprehensive curriculum empowers learners to thrive in an ever-evolving professional landscape."


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Discover the art of effective business management with Skills and Education Ltd.'s and the comprehensive Business Administration courses.


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Discover your path to success with our Advice and Guidance courses at Skills and Education Ltd. Gain invaluable skills and knowledge to empower others in navigating their personal and professional journeys.

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Whether you're honing your digital literacy, refining your teamwork abilities, or cultivating resilience, our platform empowers you to excel.

At Skills and Education Ltd., our courses are meticulously designed to cultivate practical skills essential for career advancement and personal growth. From communication and leadership to time management and problem-solving, our comprehensive curriculum empowers learners to thrive in an ever-evolving professional landscape.

With Skills and Education’s online learning platform, you can access a rich array of courses covering a spectrum of skills vital for personal and professional growth. Whether you’re aiming to sharpen your critical thinking, boost your creativity, or improve your time management, our courses offer the expertise you need to thrive.

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I have completed my Level 3 Food and Safety Course with Skills and Education. The Online portal was very easy to use and the staff was very helpful. I Suggest for online Hospitality course skills and education is the right platform.

Fera Look

I completed my Level 3 Supervising Food Safety course with Skills and Education Ltd using their online portal. It was a good experience for me as I completed my course in my own time sitting home but received complete support from the center to complete my course.

William Sara

The Skills Education is a place for pupils to grasp knowledge and imbibe the syllabus comprehensively. All the courses are par excellence. I will recommend this place to all aspirants.

Tom Lara

Skills and Education is based upon the idea of using the latest academic research to improve the quality of learning. All courses are held to raise standards and there is a clear learning method in all courses.

Justin Case